Why do I hear so much more about Buzz Aldrin than Neil Armstrong?

Its kind of embarrassing but until recently i always assumed Neil Armstrong had passed away awhile ago because i never see him on the news or giving interviews of any kind. I try to stay well-read, but i admit this one stumps me. Anyone care to explain why i hear so much more about the number two guy than the first man on the moon (not that Buzz Aldrin deserves any less)?

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Evan Lysacek and Mark Ballas Sizzle on the Ice

“Dancing with the Stars” contestant Evan Lysacek and pro Mark Ballas may be competitors on the dance floor, but they join forces on the ice to plan a new skating routine for Evan! Olympic gold medalist and world champion ice-skater Evan will be crisscrossing the country for Smucker’s Stars on Ice tour, which kicks off April 1 in Fort Meyers, Fla. 100324

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