'Dancing' Judge Carrie Ann Inaba On Niecy Nash: I Love Watching Her

“Dancing with the Stars” judge Carrie Ann Inaba has delivered her verdict to “The Insider” when it comes to the case of Niecy Nash. She said, “I love watching her. There’s something very special about her. She’s fully committed. She’s so passionate. She gets into character. She moves really, really well. I think for her to go all the way to the end, she’s just going to have to up the difficulty level of some of her moves.” Niecy has voiced that she’s anxious to showcase her assets. “I think working the jiggly parts is absolutely appropriate. Len [Goodman] may have a different opinion on that one though, so be carefuljiggly parts and samba, that’s a winner,” enthused Carrie Ann. “Get ready to rumble!” Louis Van Amstel and our Niecy were launched to next weeks show, but for Buzz Aldrin and partner Ashly Costa, it was mission complete. The moon-man’s ballroom career was grounded by being voted off “DWTS” on Tuesday. Not surprised with the result, the historic astronaut told “The Insider,” “I didn’t start out with a big advantage over everybody else. I had to overcome considerable obstacles–age, may be one of them. Physical agility. Whether I learn things fast or not.” His new friend Erin Andrews may meet sports superstars on a daily basis in her job as an ESPN reporter, but when it comes to Buzz, she said with sheer excitement, “We met a guy that landed on the moon!” The remaining couples get outfitted in another round of sequins when “DWTS” returns on Monday night on ABC.

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