Is Negril, Jamaica safe?

My boyfriend and I are headed to Negril, Jamaica in early May of this year. We’re not staying at an all inclusive, we like to explore and we’re on a budget. Family, friends and websites have been semi-useful, except for the fact that most people who leave reviews or that I’ve talked to never left the resort! They listened to what others said and never explored the real Jamaica because they were too afraid, which is quite a shame in my opinion. I’d like some real advice and reviews from people who left their resort and were brave enough to walk around!! I want to see Jamaica so tell me the truth, how are the locals, are we going to get mugged, kidnapped, killed, do they hate tourists, what are safe and good places to go, good places to eat, and if anyone has stayed at the Caribbean Sunset resort let me know what your experience was! Anything will help, especially if you went recently, just be honest and help us out! I’m tired of the frou frou, we’re from Chicago and managed our way around Costa Rica, how bad can it be? Thank you very much ~ Ashley

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