Does anyone know the mfg. of the ivory color nordic sweater Kate Gosselin was wearing skiing in Park City Utah?

It was an ivory sweater with a nordic design on the front and on the sleeve cuffs. Kate Gosselin is from Jon and Kate Plus Eight TV show.

How could Buzz Aldrin have possibly gotten depressed after returning from the moon?

He could have written his own ticket and done anything career wise – Started his own airline (or any other business) taught at university, author/lecturer. I’m sure the list was endless. Granted, he wouldn’t have been able to top the moon walk, but, nevertheless, many satisfying career options were surely available. Did any of the other Apollo astronauts suffer from depression after returning home? Baffled!

Erin Andrews & Maksim Chmerkovskiy Season 10 Premiere Dancing With The Stars 2010

She’s normally on the sidelines calling the action. Now shes bringing her A-game to the dance floor! Since joining ESPN in 2004, Erin Andrews has become one of the most well-known sports reporters in the country. Having begun her career at ESPN as a reporter for the networks NHL coverage, Erin has served as a reporter for ESPN College Football Saturday telecasts, Saturday Primetime college basketball games and Big Ten college basketball coverage. In 2005, she began reporting from the sidelines of the ESPN College Football Primetime series on Thursday nights and added Major League Baseball sideline reporting to her responsibilities, including the Monday Night Baseball telecasts. Erin has been a reporter on espns College World Series telecasts since 2005 and has worked abcs coverage of the Scripps National Spelling Bee as a reporter since 2008. A native of Lewiston, Maine, Erin graduated from the University of Florida where she was a member of the Gators basketball dance team from 1997-2000. Old habits must die hard because Erin is dancing once again. We cant wait to see how far Erin will go as she leaves the sidelines behind to take center stage on Dancing with the Stars!