Season 7 of DWTS Pro dancers? Who do you think will be leaving?

I was talking with my friends today at dance and we were all say how we can’t wait for the new season of DWTS and we we just gossiping on what Pro dancer we thought were not coming back this season and this is what we came up with,

Julianne Hough – would not return because she is like a celebrity herself right?

Jonathan Roberts – He just started competing with Valentina (sp) and from what we hear they are really good! so why would they stop so he could do the show?

Anna Trebunskaya – Like Jonathan she and Pavlo(I think that’s his name) they seem to be busy competing and doing well!
*Also if I was her I would not want to come back it seems like she ALWAYS gets paired with the worst dancer or the least famous dancer and because of that she never gets past round 3!

We were thinking that Max might not come back but who really knows!
But I hope that Jonathan and Anna both come back because they are my favorite dancers!

But if you would like to comment or have another opinion then let us know what you think!

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