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Would we have been better off if Buzz Aldrin was the first man on the moon?

Let’s face it, Neil Armstrong hasn’t really been out there sharing his experiences and promoting the space program over the last 40 years. Buzz has.

Armstrong pretty much retired from public except for very rare appearances.

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Why did Neil get to step on the moon first and not Buzz Aldrin?

Why did Neil Armstrong get to be the first person on the moon? Why didn’t Buzz Aldrin? Or couldn’t they have done it at the same time? It made Neil A huge star and everyone now knows his name. They don’t know Buzz as well.

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Why do I hear so much more about Buzz Aldrin than Neil Armstrong?

Its kind of embarrassing but until recently i always assumed Neil Armstrong had passed away awhile ago because i never see him on the news or giving interviews of any kind. I try to stay well-read, but i admit this one stumps me. Anyone care to explain why i hear so much more about the number two guy than the first man on the moon (not that Buzz Aldrin deserves any less)?

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Why is it that Buzz Aldrin gets more airtime than Neil Armstrong?

In all types of media coverage, Buzz Aldrin is interviewed, featured, mentioned etc much more than Neil Armstrong. Armstrong was the first man on the moon, however Aldrin is used and gets much more airplay than Armstrong. In fact I can not find much about Armstrong on line. If you believe you can shed some light on this please do.

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