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Reality Star Kate Gosselin on Jay Leno

Reality star Kate Gosselin from the hit show “Jon & Kate plus Eight” was featured on the Jay Leno show. Her segment was called “10 at 10”. She wasn’t literally there, but visible through video and audio. She answered 10 questions which i found irrellevant to anything in her life and I didn’t really hear anything I wanted to hear. However, I did like her in this segment because she seemed happy. She did a great job refraining from saying anything that we might “critize” her for. Well, anything relevant to Jon or Kate is interesting to me and many people word-wide. Whether it is our business or not, they put themselves out there. To follow my Jon Gosselin blog, simply click: www.john-gosselin-news.blogspot.com ( I know it’s “Jon” not “John” but the URL was not available. Check it out for frequent updates about Jon Gosselin and family…and more! GOSSELIN BLOG www.John-Gosselin-News.Blogspot.com As always, I’m always looking for ways to lose weight, and I think this web-site serves us all well www.weight-loss-help.intuitwebsites.com Stay safe and healthy, -Jacob

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