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Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars

WOW! almost 2000 views. you guys are awesome! thanks so much!!! Call and vote! 1-800-868-3410 or vote online! cdn.abc.go.com (you have to create an account to vote online, but you get to vote 11 times.) GO & VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kate did pretty good tonight. She was nervous and it showed, but she did her best and i’m sure that she’ll do better each week. her score was a 16 out of 30. —————————————– Watch Kate on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ beginning tomorrow night on ABC @ 8 pm ET. I am beyond excited to see her dance tomorrow night. I started watching ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ over 3 years ago and I got used to Kate and her family. Either if you love her or hate her, you CAN’T miss her tomorrow night. Most of all… don’t forget to vote for her!!! That is the most important thing. I want to see her dance more than 1 week………. and so do YOU. SO VOTE! once I find out what her number is to vote then i’ll put it on here. I’ll also have a link to ABC.com where you can vote for her online. Plus vote more than once (I think you can do that, but I’m not sure). Thanks for watching!!!!!! 🙂 ps I could probably care less about anybody else dancing. GO KATE!!! (I made this video myself. yay!)

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